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Sample Employment Contract THIS AGREEMENT, made as of the day of, 19. Between: ABC Corporation Ltd., a company incorporated pursuant to the laws of the Province of Ontario (hereinafter referred to
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THEREFORE, be it thereunder by and between: I. THE EMPLOYEES II. THE EMPLOYER (hereinafter referred to as the Employer) III. THIS AGREEMENT. NOW, THEREFORE, the Parties are pleased to agree as follows: 1. The Employment Agreement will commence on the Effective Date. The Effective Date will be defined below. 2. The Employer will provide the Employment Agreement to the Employee on or before the date set for its commencement. The Effective Date for the Employment Agreement will be defined below. 3. For the purposes of this agreement, the employee shall be entitled to continue employment with the Employer until either the employee or the Employer shall notify the other that either party will terminate the employment relationship in accordance with the terms of the Employment Agreement in a timely manner. 4. If both parties notify each other of a termination of relationship prior to the Effective Date, the parties shall jointly, but not severally, terminate the Employment Agreement within a reasonable time. 5. The Employer and the Employee hereby agree that neither party shall be permitted to terminate this agreement without providing the other with two years' written notice of termination. 6. The parties shall each sign and deliver this agreement as a contract, without alteration or modification as a result of signature that is not the same as the signature of either party. 7. This agreement, in addition to any other agreements between the parties set out here above. This agreement is valid and binding solely between the parties and the Courts of King and Since, pursuant to and shall be governed by the Laws of Ontario, Canada applicable to contracts for services, which are incorporated herein by reference. Any failure or delay by a party in exercising any right or remedy provided herein shall not be a waiver of the right or remedy, and that right or remedy shall be severed. 8. This agreement is provided exclusively by ABC Corporation and each of the parties hereto has read and understood the agreement and any other documents of any kind which may be included with the agreement from time to time. 9. The employee and the Employer hereby agree that, for all purposes of this agreement, the Employer is the “employer” and the employee is the “employee”. 10. Any reference or description of the Employer or the Employee includes the Company. This Agreement supersedes and replaces all prior agreements between the parties. 11.
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